About Stackmate

Who we are and what's the motivation behind Stackmate

Who we are

We are a small team of experienced Developers & DevOps engineers spread across Europe (Greece, Poland, Netherlands and UK) that all share the same passion of automating infrastructure and deployments and make developers happy.

Should you have any questions, Stackmate's founder is on Twitter as @falexandrou.

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How Stackmate came to life

You need the right tools to achieve developer happiness.

Automating your infrastructure, having infrastructure as code, is not a trivial task; it requires choosing & familiarizing with the right tools, understanding the nuances of a cloud hosting provider, reading documentation. This is a process that takes time and effort to master which is why so many developers skip it.

This is why we created Stackmate.io, the infrastructure & application deployment tool, that offers effortless deployments to developers who want to focus on building great apps instead of DevOps and awkward configs.

Read more, on our founder's blog post.