Deploy Ruby on Rails on AWS or DigitalOcean

How Stackmate saves you time deploying Ruby on Rails applications to the cloud

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Create your Project

Paste your project's repository URL on the field and select Ruby on Rails as the project's type. Our system will analyze your app looking for databases, cache and environment configurations required.


Set up your infrastructure

Pick one of your AWS or DigitalOcean accounts, then choose the infrastructure template and its size.

You can either have everything in a single instance or use a load balancer with multiple instances and managed services.

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Optionally, tweak the settings

Stackmate will automatically create all configuration files, environment variables and deployment pipeline tasks for you. If however you need to tweak those settings, you can do so by simply editing their values


Go live!

Upon deployment, Stackmate will apply any infrastructure changes necessary and will fetch your application's latest version. All the tasks in your deployment pipeline will be executed and the application servers (puma and nginx) will restart.

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Keep on pushing code!

Every time you push new commits to your branches, Stackmate will repeat the same process to deploy those commits to your servers.

Plus, if you want to automatically create new sandbox environments for every new branch you create, Stackmate will do that for you.

You just craft your app, we'll do the rest

Stop worrying about server setups, git pull scripts, local containers.
Stackmate has got you covered

Infrastructure made simple

Set up your infrastructure the easiest possible way. Add, remove or scale services in just a few clicks

Zero downtime Deployments

Stackmate deploys automatically, without any downtime, whenever new code is pushed

Auto-deployed branches

Get a shinny new, customizable subdomain for new branches that are created in your repository

SSL out of the box

Want a free LetsEncrypt™ or your own custom SSL certificate with every branch you deploy? Done!

Configuration Management

All your configuration files & credentials are safely stored and managed through our intuitive app

Fanatic support

Something went wrong? We're here to help. Our experienced DevOps are at your service

join the waiting list

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. However, if you still have questions, our fanatic support team is always there for you.

We are currently deploying on VMs, meaning either EC2 instances on AWS or DigitalOcean Droplets and you'll be able to select either a single-instance (all in one) or a multi-tier (load-balanced application instances with external managed services) setup.
Docker with Kubernetes however, will be available as an additional option in the future.
Right now you'll be able to deploy the major frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Django. WordPress and Gatsby.js as major CMSs are supported as well. However, if you wish support for another platform, please don't hesitate to submit a feature request.
Absolutely! The instances launched, are yours. You can connect via SSH to them at any point.
Absolutely not! You are paying the cloud provider directly, we don't intervene in the process. You're just paying us your monthly subscription. Learn more on our pricing page.
Nothing at all. We'll just stop deployment automation at our end which means that you'll have to manage & deploy your app manually. That's not gonna be as easy as our interface though. Learn more on our pricing page.
Of course! Just sign up for our waiting list and get your first 6 months free!