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How to use a custom domain for your application

A custom domain name for your application can either be set when you’re first creating…

Written by falexandrou
Last updated 1 year ago

A custom domain name for your application can either be set when you’re first creating the project or, after the project has been created, in the environment settings.

Important notice

It is strongly advised to switch to a domain name that is already public because switching to one that isn’t might prevent some services like Amazon SES mailer or Amazon Certificate Manager, from being able to verify their settings.

Project creation

When you’re creating a project, after you’ve dropped the project folder and it’s been analyzed, you’ll see that our system automatically generates a url for your production environment, as shown in the image below

Click on the text, or the edit icon next to it so that it becomes editable and write your domain name.

Clicking anywhere outside the field will store the setting and your project and production environment will be provisioned with the domain you specified.

Updating an environment’s settings

Once an environment has been created, you can change its domain name by following these few very simple steps:

  • Go to your Dashboard and pick the project that you want to change the domain for, it will show the Environments available
  • Click on the desired Environment’s name and go to settings (last tab)

You will get a warning because you’re introducing a major change to your infrastructure, since Stackmate will have to deploy new SSL certificates, Route53 records and other components that may introduce unexpected downtime.

If you’re happy with this change, click “Yes, I’m happy to proceed” to verify the changes and hit “Deploy”, or wait for the next git push to trigger one.

Your app will be provisioned to use the new domain name

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