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Which files does Stackmate create?

We try to keep your servers as clean and as close to vanilla as it…

Written by falexandrou
Last updated 10 months ago

We try to keep your servers as clean and as close to vanilla as it gets, so we have to make sure we keep the list of files created by Stackmate to a minimum.

Therefore, we add the following directory structure for your repository:

├── cache
│   └── <cache for your releases>
├── configurations
│   └── <your project's configuration files>
├── current -> /var/www/<project-name>/releases/20210405170053/
├── releases
│   ├── 20210405170053
│   ├── 20210404210419
│   ├── 20210402193244
│   ├── 20210401214027
│   └── 20210401140216
├── repository
│   └── <your git repository>
└── shared
    └── <shared directories for the app>

In addition to that, we copy the deployment key-pair (public & private key) and a file that contains some default environment variables used by your dependencies.

That’s it! No, custom software, no cryptic configurations, simple as that.

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