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Your frequently asked questions, answered

Stackmate is perfect for freelancers and small teams that want a simpler and faster way to provision AWS workloads.

Stackmate is a new product so at this stage we’re focusing on refining the product and making sure it provides great value to developers that want to deploy their AWS workloads. This practically means that you’ll be joining for free, while we work towards providing a better solution for you. Optionally, you can be involved in the decision-making process and provide feedback to us about the product and how it works for you. After the 6 month period is over, the pricing stated in this page will begin to take effect.

We are very clear when we state that we're using your AWS and we don’t lock you in. This practically means that even if you cancel your Stackmate subscription, your infrastructure on AWS will remain exactly as it is and you will continue to have full control over it. We’re not terminating any resources or services.

However, the automated deployments that we’re triggering whenever you push your code will stop, and your temporary preview domains (the ones operated by Stackmate) will become unavailable — if you’re using one of your own domain names (eg. it will continue operating as expected.

That's fine and expected and here’s where our engineers can help. If you face issues with your deployments or your AWS setup, you can schedule a session with one of our very experienced engineers, that will guide you and help you resolve any problems you might run into

We’re trying our best supporting the AWS services that are commonly used but we are aware, that you might need some extra service that’s not integrated to Stackmate.

There are two options:

  1. submit a feature request and wait for the service to be integrated or
  2. we can create a Terraform module that provisions the service for you and you can use its output to create environment variables for your projects, with a very reasonable fee.

No. We just temporarily copy some of your project’s configuration files (for example your package.json file) when we create your project and we delete them afterwards. We know your code is yours and yours only so we avoid hosting cached copies as that may pose a security threat.

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