Deploy full-stack apps on your AWS within seconds

Save time on full-stack apps deployment. You just provide a repository, we’ll do everything else

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    Simple, no config files required
    Start deploying without reading any documentation or adding a configuration file. Your services are automatically discovered and configurable via our easy to use app
    Perfect for the busy professional
    Stackmate was crafted for the busy freelancer that wants to spend the last few days of their project making improvements, instead of worrying about the deployment process
    Use yours, or your clients AWS accounts
    Stackmate deploys on yours, or your clients AWS accounts and every resource is directly available through your AWS console. We don't lock you in, or mark-up AWS prices

    How it works

     Stackmate automatically determines your project’s infrastructure setup, configurations, dependencies, secrets and deploys everything on AWS
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    1. 1

      Connect an AWS account

      Use our very simple tool, to grant Stackmate secure access to your AWS account. We set up an IAM role and all the necessary permissions for you

      Learn more about how we access your AWS
    2. 2

      Create a Project

      As simple as just providing a GitHub repository, Stackmate will automatically determine everything your application needs. From nginx configurations to database instances and SSL. You can optionally adjust their settings or use our sane defaults.

      Learn more about projects on Stackmate
    3. 3

      Your app is live on AWS

      Your project will be deployed on AWS every time you git push new commits. Stackmate will keep your infrastructure and configurations up to date, while delivering new code to your servers

    We take care of your least favorite tasks

    Stackmate automatically provisions SSL certificates, web servers, DNS records, storage, CDNs, databases and more, for your project’s environments.

    Once you create a project with Stackmate, we set up everything your app needs for you. From nginx configurations, to SSL certificates and databases. We use sane defaults that you can then tweak to your liking, or if you're happy with those, just hit "Deploy"!

    Stackmate deploys and runs full stack applications on your servers. No need to host that single-page application elsewhere, or use a separate tool to build it

    Use our preview domain name to deploy a test environment or run and test your application until your final domain name is resolved.

    Coming soon

    Docker support for all application types with Amazon ECS

    Support for popular frameworks


    Ruby on rails




    What Stackmate provides

    Ubuntu 20.04 LTS EC2 instances
    Secure VPC configuration
    Zero-downtime deployments
    Instant rollbacks
    Simple task scheduling
    MySQL & PostgreSQL databases with Aurora support
    SSL certificates provided by AWS
    SES mailer with DKIM validation
    Redis and Memcache clusters
    Load balancers with HTTP/2
    S3 Buckets, EBS and EFS storage
    Configuration files & secrets per-environment
    Clone environments instantly
    Easily customizable build pipelines
    Preview domains for testing
    You can see the full list of the AWS services we support here

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