Build & deploy websites
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Focus on building the perfect app, not reading server setup guides
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You just craft your app, we'll do the rest

Stop worrying about server setups, git pull scripts, local containers. Stackmate has got you covered

Infrastructure made simple

Deploy & scale your infrastructure on AWS, DigitalOcean just by pulling sliders & toggling switches

Automated deployments

Deploy automatically, with zero downtime whenever a commit is pushed to your branch

Unlimited sandboxes

Either you need to run just one production environment or one per branch, you've got it

Instant Local Environment

Run your Rails, Django & Laravel projects locally, isolated without version conflicts

Configuration Management

All your configuration files & credentials are safely stored and managed through are app

Fanatic support

Something went wrong? We're here to help. Our experienced DevOps are at your service

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Our {technical} blog

The 12-factor app: the key to a successful web app
The 12-factor app: the key to a successful web app

Learn how the 12-factor app methodology can help you build better & easier to scale web applications

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What's excluded from a Git repository
What's excluded from a Git repository

Follow this simple set of rules, to create repositories that are fast, efficient and work for all team members

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Making friends with Git
Making friends with Git

Easily configure your Git client, set up aliases and global ignore rules to make your flow more efficient and productive

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