Develop without having to worry about DevOps offers effortless cloud deployments to AWS & Digital Ocean for web developers, not super humans.

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You just craft your app, we'll do the rest

Stop worrying about server setups, git pull scripts, local containers. Stackmate has got you covered

Infrastructure made simple

Deploy & scale your infrastructure on AWS & DigitalOcean just by clicking a few buttons

Deploy on merge

Deploy automatically, with zero downtime whenever a commit is pushed to your branch

Auto-deployed branches

Get a shinny new subdomain for all branches that are pushed in your repository

Instant Rollbacks

Something wrong? That's fine, you can just click a button and roll back to the latest stable version

Configuration Management

All your configuration files & credentials are safely stored and managed through are app

Fanatic support

Something went wrong? We're here to help. Our experienced DevOps are at your service

Stay up-to-date

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Our {technical} blog

How to set for scale: The 12-factor app methodology
How to set for scale: The 12-factor app methodology

Learn how the 12-factor app methodology can help you build better & easier to scale web applications

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What's excluded from a Git repository
What's excluded from a Git repository

Follow this simple set of rules, to create repositories that are fast, efficient and work for all team members

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Making friends with Git
Making friends with Git

Easily configure your Git client, set up aliases and global ignore rules to make your flow more efficient and productive

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