Deploy & scale,
without DevOps offers effortless cloud deployments to AWS & Digital Ocean for web developers that want to focus on building great apps instead of DevOps and awkward configs.

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Supported Frameworks & CMS

Deploy your framework of choice

We support the following frameworks & content management systems. More coming soon...

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Ruby On Rails

Deploy your Ruby on Rails app, databases, Sidekiq or Resque workers, run on Puma & Nginx out of the box

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Run Django on Python 2 or Python 3 instances through Gunicorn & Nginx

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Scale WordPress to as many servers as you like, with powerful databases, cache & load balancer

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Publish Gatsby sites on AWS S3 or DigitalOcean Spaces, with custom SSL & domain

You just craft your app, we'll do the rest

Stop worrying about server setups, git pull scripts, local containers.
Stackmate has got you covered

Infrastructure made simple

Set up your infrastructure the easiest possible way. Add, remove or scale services in just a few clicks

Automatic Deployments

Stackmate deploys automatically, without any downtime, whenever new code is pushed

Auto-deployed branches

Get a shinny new, customizable subdomain for new branches that are created in your repository

SSL out of the box

Want a free LetsEncrypt™ or your own custom SSL certificate with every branch you deploy? Done!

Configuration Management

All your configuration files & credentials are safely stored and managed through our intuitive app

Fanatic support

Something went wrong? We're here to help. Our experienced DevOps are at your service

Our powerful features

Save time, skip the manual setup

Stop wasting time configuring instances through SSH or awkward YAML files

Your project at a glance

It only takes a couple of clicks to deploy a new branch. Either a sandbox or production, we've got you covered.

Deploy new sandboxes

Deploy & scale effortlessly

Easily manage your software dependencies and their versions, launch or terminate server instances, launch cloud services. It's all there and it's made for actual human beings.

Scale servers, update dependency versions

Tweak every aspect of your app

Configuration files, Environment variables, Cron jobs, SSL Certificates, all easily managed through an intuitive and easy to use UI

Tweak sandbox settings

Track your deployments & get notified

Enjoy the clear overview of the deployment's complete process with the changes it introduces to your infrastructure. Get notified via Email or Slack

Tweak sandbox settings

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